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Queen’s College

by | May 30th, 2017


In the field of teacher education, assessment initiatives at the pre-service level are often driven primarily by external forces (e.g., NCATE, CAEP, TEAC, SPAs). Assessment for these external forces is mostly about compliance, which in turn leads to program approval and national recognition. Most of the commercially available assessment systems we reviewed in fact seemed to be developed to assist programs meet these externally driven assessment compliance issues, what I would call the form of programmatic and outcome assessment. I will admit that many programs and faculty members in the Professional Education Unit at Queens College also embarked on the assessment journey solely for external purposes.

However, from the organizational change perspective, we selected Chalk & Wire as our assessment/e-portfolio platform because we believed that the specific functionality and open-space flexibility of this platform would best engage our faculty by challenge them to build up Unit level data from the candidate and program levels.

Chalk & Wire continues to play a major role in shifting our assessments toward more internally focused purposes, what I would call the function of programmatic and outcome assessment.

Chalk & Wire has helped us engage faculty members across the Professional Education Unit in meaningful discussions and assessment work around meaningful programmatic improvement and documenting candidate skill development across coursework (i.e., professional behaviors and dispositions).

Craig A. Michaels, Ph.D.Dean, Division of Education, Queen’s College


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