CWPro Common Sense Pricing

Chalk & Wire provides everything you need to quickly build out a systematic, sound, sustainable educational assessment platform with no hidden fees or limits.

Individual User Subscription

Ideal for institutions with fewer than 3,000 users.
  • Subscriptions sold individually through campus reseller or administered in bulk by the institution.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage for Individual Users
  • Subscriptions are renewable at the same price as new accounts.
  • No institutional contract is required.
  • 1 year – $46
  • 2 years – $77
  • 3 years- $88
  • One time pricing: 4+1 years – $99 (5th year free)

Enterprise Subscription

Designed for institutions with 3,000+ users.
  • Integration with your Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Automatic Account Creation and Renewal.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage for Individual Users.
  • Phased implementation is encouraged!
  • 3,000+ users: $22/ePortfolio user/year
  • 7,000+ users: $19/ePortfolio user/year
  • 11,000+ users: $16/ePortfolio user/year or less depending on number of users

Getting Started with CWPro

Getting you started quickly and easily is our highest priority. Training is an integral part of what we do. Pre-deployment, administrative CWPro training is not a single event; it includes comprehensive system design and set-up through consultation via Discovery webinars, face-to-face onsite training, follow-up software and system support, and continued personalized mentoring from your Engagement Lead. The pre-deployment fee is a one-time cost of $4500 (for US-based institutions).

Since most institutions pass on the CWPro subscription cost to students, this is the only institutional expense.

Implementation planning is critical and Chalk & Wire’s flexible options can save your institution money.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

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Download the Guide to Successful Accreditation

Successfully navigating your way through the accreditation process, especially when it comes to the assessment of student learning is a multi-faceted operation including the main focus areas: logistics, assessment elements, reporting, content and strategy.

Download the Guide to Successful Accreditation / Reaccreditation to start your institution’s journey to proactive educational assessment.

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