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Niagara University

by | May 30th, 2017


As our lead person on this endeavor I can certainly see and feel the benefits but our faculty has only recently received and reviewed reports of Chalk and Wire data so we may have some issues with unit-wide changes at this point. It hasn’t really changed the way we “do business.” Our data collection is surely easier now because we aren’t doing “double entry.” The data is assessed, reported, and retained in the same system.

We no longer need someone to manually move data from spreadsheets to data charts. We have much less issue with loss of data and we don’t have to store work samples in hard copy somewhere else. We know immediately when work has been submitted or faculty haven’t completed assessments.

Our transition to Chalk and Wire has facilitated improvements in the assessment models for certain programs because the parameters required for entry into the system almost force the conversation to focus on solid design work. You all have certainly been quickly responsive to any and all questions and concerns we have had along the way.

Chandra J. Foote, Ph.D.Professor of Education and Associate Dean, Niagara University


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