Digital Credentials - Recognize Learning with MyMantl

Combining the power of OpenBadges™ with the personal narrative of a portfolio, Chalk & Wire’s MyMantl lets your students show their accomplishments though a 360º view of their abilities.
mymantl digital credentials

Create Your Own Badging Program

Integrated with CWPro or on its own, MyMantl’s innovative program builder offers organizations a way to construct a digital skills superstructure to support and frame degrees, diplomas, certificates and more. You create custom badges that reflect the skills your students learn through coursework, co-curricular activities, internships and as well as other modern day competencies that can’t be measured by traditional assessments. Create badges that reflect program competencies and desirable skills and dispositions.

A Learning Recognition Network, MyMantl allows all types of learners in all types of institutions chronicle their formal and informal learning as well as workplace training in a way that is relevant, meaningful and verifiable. MyMantl supports active learning as it encourages student motivation and engagement.

A degree or a certificate is much more than a transcript of courses and grades. It represents a collection of demonstrable skills earned over time. Not just a validation of skills and competencies, MyMantl helps students communicate what they’ve learned and what they can do in a relevant way with verified credentials.

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