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Indiana Wesleyan University

by | May 30th, 2017


A critical piece of our assessment puzzle was really understanding the best way to handle grades and an assessments in our academic units when it came to analyzing them for alignment to standards and unit performance. Chalk and Wire made understanding this process much clearer while also giving us one-of-a-kind tools for isolating this data and reporting on it in ways which not only cleared the road for accreditation, but helped us with program improvement and student satisfaction as well.

Partnering with Chalk and Wire allowed us previously unprecedented access to the course building process within our schools. By coaching us through the use of their tools and then driving this work into the schools, we were able to coordinate thinking and vocabulary around our existing assessment for accountability structure and move into a mutual understanding of the process while creating a new assessment culture based on program improvement and positive outcomes.

Faculty felt empowered and listened to, assessment tools become less ominous and course design aligned much closer to not only accreditation standards, but to our own internal objectives as well. We now have a clear path for course development, assessment and program improvement.

Mike Jones, Learning Academy Developer, Indiana Wesleyan University


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