Engaging Faculty in Institutional Change

Institutional Change Made Successful with Faculty Buy-In

At Chalk & Wire, we work with you to approach the adoption of educational assessment technology as an institutional change initiative. We provide you with tools and techniques to help you guide your stakeholders through the steps of planning, implementation, and beyond, always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of sustainability.

CWPro is thoughtfully designed, thoughtfully planned, and thoughtfully implemented. And your faculty, students, staff and other stakeholders will appreciate it.

Your faculty may not initially be on-board the implementation of an educational assessment solution as it is often perceived as a sweeping institutional change that will make their life more difficult. But the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are a few areas of concern that your faculty might have:

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More Technology?

Make time for faculty to discuss assessment goals, processes and student-centric teaching methods. And when you do implement an assessment platform, make sure that it provides sufficient support for faculty, students and administrators. Chalk & Wire provides embedded “help” in the application, searchable manuals, video tutorials, email and toll-free phone support as well as help via Twitter.
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More Work?

No one gets excited about initiatives that make life more difficult. With CWPro, grading and assessment take place at the same time on the same screen and allows faculty to push grades directly to a gradebook. CWPro reduces time in scoring student submissions and simplifies student placement in internships, student teaching and clinicals. Every step has been developed to streamline workflow and you save time.

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What will Change?

CWPro allows faculty to learn how students are performing and illustrates concepts they are struggling with. CWPro enables faculty to provide rich feedback to your students in narrative form: commenting by criterion, marking up student work. and audio commenting.

Educational assessment is not something that is done solely for accreditation. It allows faculty to confirm their gut feelings to help support student learning success.

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Successfully navigating your way through the accreditation process, especially when it comes to the assessment of student learning is a multi-faceted operation including the main focus areas: logistics, assessment elements, reporting, content and strategy.

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