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Champlain College

by | May 30th, 2017


Chalk & Wire has been tremendously helpful at the philosophical level of understanding portfolio thinking and how to effectively use portfolios in an assessment system. As we built portfolio structures, learning tasks and rubrics we were always encouraged to refer back to our high level goals and the big questions that we are trying to answer.

Their support staff have been very responsive to urgent help requests and in assisting us to see how to leverage existing tools in new ways. They have guided us through everything from technical minutiae and functional questions to system implementation and data analysis. While there are individuals designated as front line support, we frequently interact with software developers, web programmers, report writers, account executives and the CEO himself.

Beyond assessment, we are helping our students to use their portfolios for career development. We have been able to use the “rubric escalation” feature with our entire sophomore class as they created their first draft of a professional resume. Our career counselors solicited the help of a small army of peer reviewers who did the preliminary review of more than 500 resumes. Those who were really struggling were “escalated” to the career counselor for more extensive feedback and review.

The Chalk & Wire ePortfolio has allowed us to follow student progress in relation to our competencies and to make adjustments in our instructional practices. Our data has revealed an improvement in the effectiveness of our instruction and this work has been recognized nationally through the Association for General and Liberal Studies Awards for Improving General Education: Effective Program Practices.

See a portfolio sampling of our data and results

Michelle Miller, Senior Associate Provost, Champlain College


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