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Chalk & Wire’s CWPro™ is an ePortfolio-enabled educational assessment platform designed to monitor and verify student learning outcomes. CWPro is content-neutral and easily scalable. It generates valid and reliable academic assessment data with a simple click.


Chalk & Wire’s CWPro academic technology solutions are based on a model of partnership with the academic world and are designed to fit specific goals of academic institutions. We do not believe in modularizing our software. As a Chalk & Wire-powered institution, you have access to the entire educational assessment platform and can create multiple workflows to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

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Accreditation Authoring and Guidance to Simplify the Accreditation Process

We provide you with ready-to-use templates for all major accrediting bodies. Our accreditation-savvy staff is standing by to provide additional guidance and set-up support. You can dynamically author narratives, upload exhibits, delegate tasks, monitor progress, and discuss your findings with your team in our collaborative workspaces. Reports generated within CWPro can easily be included to highlight student progress. Content can be shared, downloaded or saved in .pdf format.

Eportfolio – Learning Portfolio to Document Student Progress

Easy-to-use with adaptive structuring and templates, robust editors and flexible content-sharing options, CWPro ePortfolio can support students throughout their educational career and into the workplace. Regardless of the work generated, our robust text editor and drag & drop file uploader allow you to add and embed text, images, forms and media—including video and audio files. Users can take advantage of our Dropbox™ and OneDrive™ integrations to quickly import files from another device or location. Academic portfolios can be shared in whole or in part via email, social media and more.

Approved edTPA® Platform Provider for Ease of Assessment Submission

As an original partner in edTPA®, CWPro provides complete support for the creation and submission of edTPA® assessments. We provide a system library for all subjects and allow edTPA® portfolios to be submitted internally for local evaluations well as transferred to Pearson for official assessment.

Academic Assessment and Feedback to Support Student Learning Outcomes

More than just a score, CWPro’s academic assessment interface provides multiple avenues for assessors to provide comprehensive feedback on student work via on-screen text and audio commenting, feedback by criteria, and more. The interface has been streamlined so the assessor can grade and assess on the same screen. Optimized for use on mobile devices, CWPro’s interface also includes progressive assessment chains, at-a-glance overviews, and gradebook integration.

Experiential Learning /Field & Clinical Placement Management Made Easy

Faculty can save hours of time by eliminating repetitive tasks. Customizable templates let you quickly place students in community service, student teaching, internships, or clinical experiences with automatically embedded assessments. Students can also suggest their own paths and submit them for approval.

Institutional Research - Analytics and Reporting

Developed with institutional research in mind, CWPro’s comprehensive statistical analysis and reporting tools are capable of multiple levels of analysis that address the important questions of any discipline. Generate simple descriptive reports showing mean, median, standard deviation, and distributions of individual assessments, both numerically and graphically represented. Develop more complex reports such as correlation/cluster analyses or linear regression. Delve deeper to examine student progress by drilling through a report to view the actual scored work. Share and discuss findings in our collaborative workspaces.

Surveys and Forms to Drive Curriculum Mapping and Improvements

Drilling deeper than just assessment scores, our form and survey tools can gather data on a broad spectrum of activities, which can be used to pinpoint problem areas and create an informed curriculum response. Create and send questionnaires to external assessors and employers at no additional cost. Deploy surveys that aggregate data on student dispositions and demographics. Use our forms to gather, track and report on any aspect of instructional process. Embedded forms ensure a 100% response rate. Supplement your current course evaluation tools by gathering opinions about the impact of instruction and course quality.

Innovative Customization to Ensure the Right Fit for Your Institution and Faculty

Institutions, faculty and students benefit from the high degree of customization available with CWPro. Institutional branding is automatic and portfolio authors can create their own graphic themes. Workflows are customizable. CWPro is designed to accommodate your institution’s unique needs, not forcing you to fit into a mold especially when it’s clear that one size cannot “fit all” on a diverse campus.

Expert Guidance and Support to Ensure Successful Implementation, Integration and User Adoption

Not only do we provide you with an experienced engagement lead to guide you through the development and launch of your system, we continue that support after implementation is complete. Through integrated channels (phone, form-based contact, dedicated social media feeds, newsletters, webinars and more), CWPro’s support team is on call to support your administration and faculty at no charge, ever. Your success is our priority. At Chalk & Wire, customer support is not a product; it is a core value.

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Successfully navigating your way through the accreditation process, especially when it comes to the assessment of student learning is a multi-faceted operation including the main focus areas: logistics, assessment elements, reporting, content and strategy.

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