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Announcing New Learning Recognition Network MyMantl

by | August 1st, 2016

As educational institutions and employers are focusing less on macro-credentials, we are pleased to unveil our new product MyMantl today, which places personal and professional achievements front and center. Launching this fall, MyMantl is a Learning Recognition Network, providing a way for learners, educators, employees, and employers to recognize and showcase a lifelong journey of learning.

For the first time, learners – beginning in high school, will be able to track their academic and professional achievements and own their portfolio collections of learning, training, mentorship and digital credentialing. In addition to portfolios, MyMantl includes digital badging tools, competency-based education and sequenced badge program designers and job tools.

Our team created MyMantl to bring the advantages of portfolios to the general public – beyond educational institutions. Any individual can benefit from a portable, customizable portfolio that tracks lifelong learning. We see this as supplemental to the traditional academically-based ePortfolio experience. .  Higher Education and K-12 students will be able to use MyMantl to curate their most important accomplishments as well as receive badges from their schools and other non-educational organizations.

Similarly, organizations, associations and businesses can issue badges to professionals for corporate training, certifications and more. For recent graduates and job seekers, MyMantl will supplement a traditional resume, showing employers valuable credentials and a continuous timeline of relevant experiences, and evidence linked to skills backed by strong, verified work samples, endorsements, references and more.

MyMantl will be fully available this fall. In the meantime, check it out at

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