Assessment Technology Implementation and Integration

Our goal is simple: to provide a unified, transparent experience that reduces workload and leverages the power of a full-featured assessment and accreditation management system.

Chalk & Wire’s assessment technology implementation and integration services are rooted in a knowledge base founded on nearly two decades of building assessment systems in collaboration with hundreds of institutions. Our experienced academic technology consultants are the difference between just getting the software working, and building assessment solutions that transform programs and institutions. They know what it takes for you to succeed.

Our focus is on addressing the specific needs of your institution, so we ask you lots of questions! The more we know about your institution’s culture, history of assessment, and vision of success, the better we can guide you.

No matter what your answers are, we can ensure that your implementation and integration services will meet your unique needs. How? We have worked with academic institutions of all sizes and with a wide range of programs.

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Discovery & Training

When implementing CWPro, you are not just buying software; you are getting a partner in your educational assessment success. You are immediately assigned an engagement lead (EL). Our talented ELs provide the practical assessment information and strategies you need, when you need them. Your EL will be your go-to contact throughout the discovery, training and implementation phases.

Beginning with a series of discovery meetings, your EL will talk with you about your specific needs. We will talk with you about:

  • the three pillars of assessment (outcomes, criteria and student work products)
  • where you are on the “assessment continuum”
  • the identification of outcomes
  • the development of scoring criteria and rubrics
  • the selection of student work samples
  • existing assessment processes
  • consideration of student portfolios
  • existing assessment data
  • reporting needs
  • unique circumstances and more

Discovery is followed by face-to-face training with your leadership team. At the conclusion of this hands-on event, you will have a clearly marked path for moving forward with your EL only an email or phone call away to answer questions, schedule additional webinars, and help guide you through the build-out phase.

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Integration ranges from single-sign-on (SSO) to essentially disappearing inside your Learning Management System (LMS). CWPro can appear directly at the course level within the user interface of most Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Sakai and more. Integration is quick and easy and part of the overall implementation process.

With CWPro integrated into your existing systems, faculty and students will not need to login to multiple platforms, allowing them to better focus on the task at hand – student learning. Integration also allows grades to be pushed directly to the gradebook in your LMS and streamlines administrator workflows by auto-populating accounts and groups.

With CWPro integrated, you can automatically pull from your Student Information System (SIS) to auto-populate accounts and groups. Chalk & Wire accounts can be automatically created and grades can easily be pushed directly from CWPro to the gradebook in your LMS.

Chalk & Wire appears within your LMS, without an addition login so it also reduces training and support requests. If you don’t want to integrate CWPro with your LMS, you can still utilize SSO to seamlessly launch from a local portal.

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Support is not just a word at Chalk & Wire, it is core value.

We know that new tools and practices will always generate questions, so we are on standby ready to assist all CWPro users – students, faculty, and administrators. When you have questions about the software or which button to push, just reach out and we are there for you.

Chalk & Wire offers a variety of support options whether you prefer an independent learning style or one-on-one support:

Telephone and Email Support – Seven days a week, we are there for you.

Real Time Screen Sharing and Collaboration – We provide screen-sharing options and collaboration if you just need us to show you how to do something. We understand that sometimes the most efficient and effective way to solve a problem is to see it firsthand.

User Guides and Documentation – “Help” is embedded on each page of the application with step-by-step instructions, annotated images and workflows.

Real-Time and Pre-Recorded Webinars – We also host live topical webinars so you can watch and ask your questions. These webinars are also recorded so you have access to them when you need them.

Why do we do all this?

Freely sharing what we know about educational assessment and assessment technology and rolling up our sleeves to help institutions leverage CW Pro and succeed is the reason why our annual institutional renewal rate is over 99%.

A strategically designed assessment platform generates valid data which becomes very valuable, very quickly. The result is something people are also proud of and they share their success with their colleagues.

Your success is our success.

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We are big fans of IMS Global and their interoperability standards, Chalk & Wire was one of the earliest adopters of LTI 1.1 and is now working towards OneRoster™ and LTI 2.0 certification. Click here to learn more about One Roster.


Chalk & Wire is an integrated, comprehensive edTPA™ provider. We support candidates with ready-to-use templates, step-by-step instructions, all current handbooks and a portal for direct transfer to Pearson. We also assure that candidates cannot transfer incomplete submissions. For SCALE approved schools, local evaluation rubrics are provided.


Chalk & Wire supports AAEEBL in its goal is to promote portfolio learning as a major way to transform higher education and support educational leaders committed to educational transformation relevant to 21st century learners.

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