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Faculty Engagement

Your faculty is a crucial part of the educational assessment equation. At Chalk & Wire, we work with you to approach assessment technology adoption with faculty as a positive institutional change initiative.


Chalk & Wire’s assessment technology implementation and integration services are rooted in a knowledge base founded on nearly two decades of building assessment systems in collaboration with hundreds of institutions.

Benefits of Assessment

On-going educational assessment is formative assessment in the purest sense. Assessing students’ progress on learning outcomes throughout their academic program tells you volumes about how they got to that end-point.

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Crushing the “Skills Gap” with a Killer Online Portfolio

Crushing the “Skills Gap” with a Killer Online Portfolio

A college portfolio is students’ best opportunity to show graduate schools, employers, and credentialing agencies what they know, how they will act and how they will address real-world problems. A robust academic portfolio can quickly provide confirmation that students have the knowledge and skills they claim. However, without forethought and guidance on choosing the right evidence, students may end up creating a worthless academic portfolio.

Here’s are ten tips for creating a killer college portfolio to make this a huge win for your students…

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