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Your faculty is a crucial part of the educational assessment equation. At Chalk & Wire, we work with you to approach assessment technology adoption with faculty as a positive institutional change initiative.


Chalk & Wire’s assessment technology implementation and integration services are rooted in a knowledge base founded on nearly two decades of building assessment systems in collaboration with hundreds of institutions.

Benefits of Assessment

On-going educational assessment is formative assessment in the purest sense. Assessing students’ progress on learning outcomes throughout their academic program tells you volumes about how they got to that end-point.

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Future of Higher Education: Micro-Credentials & Badging – Part 1

Future of Higher Education: Micro-Credentials & Badging – Part 1

The bachelor’s degree is now a virtual commodity. As such, the laws of economics must prevail to drive down its value as a differentiator.

In order to break the cycle of commoditized degrees, educational institutions need to bravely take on the challenge of verifying and documenting student learning in a way that allows employers to seek and find the candidates they need.

At Chalk & Wire, our experience leads us to be optimistic and believe that verified digital badging will be the solution needed to successfully chronicle students’ skills development and allow employers to understand and trust their academic and soft skills achievements.

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Confronting the Skills Gap – Are Higher Education Graduates Career Ready?

Confronting the Skills Gap – Are Higher Education Graduates Career Ready?

First, let’s be clear that the so-called skills gap is not something new. It’s been brewing like a toxic stew for more than forty years. The term “skills gap” only barely describes what is really going on. Nearly everyone involved has had some role in creating and sustaining something that runs deeply in the culture of western society.

The often unrealistic expectations and dreams of many well-meaning people are at the center of a tragedy of the perceived skills gap. It is the unfortunate byproduct of hope – that most laudable of human traits.

As we explore the recipe for the current “skills gap stew” and job readiness consequences, we take firm aim on what we see as the best path forward to achieve job readiness in hope of inspiring the higher education industry as a whole and the stakeholders who drive it.

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