A Few of Our Core Features

  • Assessment & Feedback

    Numerous options for text and audio commenting on a variety of content types. Granular assessment chains, at-a-glance overviews, Gradebook integration and more.

  • Surveys & Forms

    Gather data on a broad spectrum of activities using a wide range of question types. Our surveys and forms have flexible deployment options, including the ability to embed in portfolios directly.

  • Professional Guidance

    Put our decades of experience to work! Our straightforward solutions can accelerate the development of valid and sustainable assessment systems across your entire institution.

  • ePortfolios

    Easy to use with adaptive structuring and templates, robust editors, and flexible content sharing options. Seamlessly integrate with LMS assignments.

  • Experiential Learning

    Quickly place students in service learning, internships, field placements, and clinical rounds—or have students suggest their own. Track progress at a glance.

  • Integration

    We can transparently nestle ‘under the radar’ between your LMS and your SIS and offer an open, Public API and ePUpdate™ Server solution with full documentation.

  • Accreditation Support

    Templates for all major accrediting bodies. Collaboratively assemble data, report narratives and documentation to securely present to colleagues and accreditation teams.

  • Reporting & Validity

    Our reporting tools were developed with institutional research in mind. Our content-neutral reporting is capable of multiple levels of analysis that address the important questions of any discipline.

  • Personalization

    Whether accessing us directly, or embedding us inside an LMS assignment, Chalk & Wire will look the part with custom school branding and portfolio themes.

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Expert Consulting & System Design

Gain access to our sophisticated expertise in assessment system design, analysis and support.

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Enterprise Integration

Out of the box or customized—we provide an unparalleled level of integration with the learning tools you use daily.

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Recent News

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Our Blog

Sage on the Stage versus Guide on the Side – The Fine Line

As a rule, flipped instruction is a terrific idea and a very old one. When I taught in the 1980’s, “Collaborative” and “Cooperative Group Learning” was all the rage. Combined with “Project-based Learning” it could result in powerhouse learning events that transformed students. It is, however, not without its detractors, including students.

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